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Tech Insights

Short, 10-15-minute videos explaining a technology, a feature, or a function with foundational technical insights and a visual walkthrough of the technology.

Citrix Analytics

Performance Analytics - Gain visibility into your environment through user-centric experience scores, application & infrastructure performance scores with Performance Analytics.

Security Analytics—Generate actionable insights about your environment, enabling administrators to handle user and application security threats proactively.

Citrix App Protection

Citrix App Protection—Citrix App Protection is a feature for the Citrix Workspace app that provides enhanced security when using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops published resources. It is supported for on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments and Citrix DaaS with StoreFront and Workspace.

Citrix DaaS

Citrix Daas High Availability - Local Host Cache - Local Host Cache (LHC), in the context of the Citrix DaaS, can be considered an insurance policy. This insurance policy comes into play when, for whatever reason (outages, connection issues, internet blackouts, etc.), the Citrix Cloud Connectors cannot communicate with the Citrix brokering service. A communication breakdown between a resource location and the cloud broker can lead to end-user impact – Local Host Cache is designed to mitigate such impact.

Microsoft Teams Optimization—Learn how Citrix HDX Teams Optimization optimizes Microsoft Teams and, when configured correctly, provides a great user experience.

Google Chrome OS Management - Manage Chrome OS devices with Citrix Endpoint Management.

MDX Containers for iOS - Citrix Endpoint Management MDX containers protect mobile apps and control their access to device resources through policy mitigating the risk of unwanted enterprise data loss.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

App Layering - User Layers - User layers persist user profile settings, data, and user-installed applications in non-persistent VDI environments.

Federated Authentication Service: Single Sign-on to Windows-based virtual apps and desktops using a non-Active Directory-based Citrix Workspace identity.

HDX - A set of technologies ensuring an unparalleled user experience when accessing virtual Windows/Linux applications and desktops.

Citrix Profile Management - Storage Management - Profile management solutions provide a flexible way to virtualize user profile data, however it also faces challenges. Citrix Profile Management provides three storage features (File deduplication, Profile Containers, and Container sizing and auto expansion) to help utilize profile storage more effectively.

Workspace Environment Management - Workspace Environment Management monitors and analyzes user and application behavior in real-time, then intelligently adjusts system resources to improve the user experience.

Citrix Workspace

Authentication - Citrix Gateway - Utilize an on-premises Citrix Gateway as an identity provider for Citrix Workspace.

Authentication - Okta - Utilize Okta as the user's primary identity for Citrix Workspace

Authentication - Push - Extend an on-premises TOTP deployment with Push authentication, eliminating the need for users to manually enter the temporary token.

Authentication - SAML - Utilize a SAML provider as the user's primary identity for Citrix Workspace

Authentication - TOTP - Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) provides multifactor authentication to the user's Workspace experience.

Site Aggregation - Hybrid deployment that allows your on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops environments to be part of Citrix Workspace.

VPN-Less Access to Web, Windows and Linux Resources - Learn how users can access internal web apps, Windows/Linux apps and Windows/Linux desktops without a VPN.

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