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NetScaler is a versatile and feature-rich application delivery controller that helps organizations optimize their web applications and services' performance, security, and availability. It enables organizations to deliver a superior user experience while ensuring mission-critical applications' scalability, reliability, and security. This page lists the articles related to NetScaler.

Learn - Tech Briefs

Tech Briefs are short overview documents explaining a technology, a feature, or a function next to a technical diagram.

NetScaler Gateway and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops - Learn why NetScaler Gateway is the best secure remote access solution for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

NetScaler Web App and API Protection service - With cyber threats rising and modern application architectures getting more complex, organizations need a more straightforward way to defend against bots, DDoS, zero-day exploits, and other attacks. Learn how NetScaler Web App and API Protection (CWAAP) service can provide effective security against these attacks.

Gateway service for HDX Proxy - Provides users with secure remote access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops without having to deploy NetScaler Gateway in the on-premises DMZ or reconfigure firewalls.

Multifactor Authentication with NetScaler nFactor - Learn how to implement various Multifactor Authentication methods with NetScaler nFactor Authentication.

Policy Label - Learn how to look at policy labels through examples.

Learn - PoC Guides

PoC guides provide step-by-step instructions to learn about the solution's functionality by following these guides in a test environment.

nFactor for Citrix Gateway Authentication with Device Certificate - Learn how to implement a Proof of Concept environment consisting of nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Device Certificates.

nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Email OTP - Learn how to implement a Proof of Concept environment consisting of nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with an email one-time password.

nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Group Extraction - Learn how to implement a Proof of Concept environment consisting of nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Group Extraction.

nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Native OTP - Learn how to implement a Proof of Concept environment consisting of nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Native OTP.

nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Push Token - Learn how to implement a Proof of Concept environment consisting of nFactor for NetScaler Gateway Authentication with Push Token.

Protecting Gateway Virtual Servers with WAF, Bot, and Advanced Authentication Policies - Learn how to use the security tools built into the NetScaler to protect VPN and Gateway virtual servers, including Web Application Firewall (WAF), Bot Security, and Advanced Authentication Policies.

Web Application Firewall Deployment - Learn how to deploy Web Application Firewall (WAF) standalone or as a part of a NetScaler deployment. Protect web servers or applications from various attacks, including cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, Forceful Browsing, and more. Deploy in any public cloud or your on-premises environment.

Learn - Diagrams and Posters


NetScaler - File System and Process Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of most common system directories, files, processes/daemons and logs.

NetScaler- nFactor Basics Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of nFactor authentication detailing concepts, how it works, nFactor Visualizer information, configuration steps, and more.

NetScaler nsconmsg Commands Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of nsconmsg syntax and troubleshooting tips.

NetScaler - SDX Basics and Log File Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of SDX components and how to access them, common SVM ports, LOM configuration, Link Aggregation on the SDX, and Common Log files for both SVM and Citrix Hypervisor.

NetScaler - Troubleshooting GSLB MEP Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of GSLB, MEP protocol and troubleshooting tips.

NetScaler Troubleshooting High Availability Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of high availability and troubleshooting tips.

NetScaler ADM - Overview Cheat Sheet - One-page summary of the ADM Platform detailing system requirements, deployment modes, protocols and ports, common log files, common issues/failures, and more.

Design - Reference Architectures

Reference architectures are comprehensive guides that assist organizations in planning their Citrix implementations, complete with use cases, recommendations, and more.

Application Delivery Controller - Global Server Load Balancing - Learn the architecture and deployment considerations for Global Server Load Balancing configuration with NetScaler Application Delivery Controller.

Application Delivery Management - See how the NetScaler Application Delivery Management software is deployed to simplify the management and monitoring of your application delivery infrastructure.

Microservices-Based Application Delivery with Citrix and Red Hat OpenShift - Learn how to design an environment to support cloud-native microservices with NetScaler and Red Hat Openshift

Design - Design Guides

Design guides provide useful information on advanced concepts for Citrix offerings. They walk through some items to consider and provide a deeper look into some of the more advanced capabilities of the Citrix offerings.

Service Migration to NetScaler using Routes in OpenShift Validated Reference Design - Learn how to migrate services without disruption.

VRD Use Case – Using NetScaler Dynamic Routing with Kubernetes: Acme Inc. Route Health Injection and BGP integration for Kubernetes Applications - Using route health injection on NetScaler, Acme Inc., and Citrix implemented a solution that provides redundancy for Kubernetes services that are accessed via the existing BGP + ECMP routing fabric. Acme Inc. is a long-time Citrix customer with a large NetScaler footprint. NetScaler is critical to Kubernetes applications' main load balancing and business continuity solution. Acme Inc. currently has three main data centers.

NetScaler Cloud Native Networking for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 Validated Reference Design - The NetScaler Stack fulfills basic requirements for application availability features (ADC), security features segregation (WAF), scaling of agile application topologies (SSL and GSLB), and proactive observability (Service Graph) into a highly orchestrated, Cloud Native Era, environment. This validated reference design guides you through the deployment of NetScaler Cloud Native Networking for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11.

NetScaler CPX, Citrix Ingress Controller, and Application Delivery Management on Google Cloud - Citrix product overview for Google CLoud's Kubernetes architecture and components.

NetScaler Pooled Capacity Validated Reference Design - NetScaler pooled capacity is a licensing framework comprising a bandwidth pool and a virtual instance pool hosted on and served by NetScaler Application Delivery Management.

NetScaler CPX in Kubernetes with Diamanti and Nirmata Validated Reference Design - NetScaler is an application delivery controller that performs application-specific traffic analysis to intelligently distribute, optimize, and secure Layer 4-Layer 7 (L4–L7) network traffic for web applications. Its feature set can broadly consist of switching, security and protection, and server-farm optimization features.

NetScaler SSL Profiles Validated Reference Design - Use an SSL profile to specify how a NetScaler processes SSL traffic. The profile is a collection of SSL parameter settings for SSL entities, such as virtual servers, services, and service groups, and offers ease of configuration and flexibility. You are not limited to configuring only one set of global parameters. You can create multiple sets (profiles) of global parameters and assign different sets to different SSL entities.

NetScaler and Amazon Web Services Validated Reference Design - NetScaler VPX is available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in AWS marketplace. NetScaler VPX on AWS enables customers to leverage AWS Cloud computing capabilities and use NetScaler load balancing and traffic management features for their business needs. NetScaler on AWS supports all the traffic management features of a physical NetScaler appliance. NetScaler instances running in AWS can be deployed as standalone instances or in HA pairs.

NetScaler Admin Partitions Validated Reference Design - NetScaler Admin Partitions enables multi-tenancy at the software level in a single NetScaler instance. Each partition has its own control plane and network plane. This document covers the typical use cases enabled by Admin Partitions and guidelines for using Admin Partitions in a customer environment.

Build - Deployment Guides

Deployment guides provide step-by-step instructions on performing key tasks around installing and configuring real-world Citrix solutions.

Migrating NetScaler ADM to NetScaler Console service - Learn how to migrate your on-premises NetScaler ADM (Application Delivery Management) to the NetScaler Console service.

Configure MFA for on-premises NetScaler Gateway - Learn how to configure your on-premises NetScaler Gateway deployment to use LDAP and RADIUS for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Build - Tech Papers

Tech papers deeply dive into specific problems, technology, or solutions, providing details, leading practices, and architectural insights.

Best practices for NetScaler Deployments - Tech Paper focused on a NetScaler administrator's steps to deploy a new ADC instance with best practice settings.

Networking SSL / TLS Best Practices - Tech Paper focused on SSL / TLS best practices for NetScaler deployments. We cover configuration items such as the certificate chain bound to the virtual server, cipher suite settings, and disabling older protocols vulnerable to attack.

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