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Design Decisions

Any architectural design effort confronts decisions that need to be made to ensure that the expected outcome can be delivered to meet business objectives and success criteria for a Citrix Workspace deployment. Design Decision helps you guide through the decision process to configure, optimize, and deploy your solution in its best way.

Citrix DaaS

Autoscale Design - Helps answer FAQs on Autoscale to achieve best cost optimization. Provides guidance for configuring Autoscale for different admin use cases and their infrastructure and technical requirements.

The scalability and economics of delivering Citrix DaaS on Azure - Learn about the different Azure instance type scale characteristics and how MSC I/O enhances the response time for your users. The document guides you through choosing the ideal Azure instance type for your workload and touches upon cost per user.

The economics of delivering Citrix DaaS in Azure on AMD Compute - Learn about the different Azure AMD instance type scale characteristics with and without GPUs to determine the most efficient instance type to host Citrix workloads.

Google Cloud Platform Virtual Instance Sizing- This document provides single instance scalability and economic guidance for enterprises that are deploying Citrix workloads (VDAs) on Google Cloud Compute Engine.

Citrix DaaS for Azure - This document provides guidance and resources to help Citrix customers design Citrix DaaS solutions on Azure.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Baseline Policy Design - Policies provide the basis to configure and fine-tune Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments, allowing organizations to control connection, security, and bandwidth settings based on various combinations of users, devices, or connection types. Learn about the different decisions related to the baseline policy design.

Baseline Printing Design - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops supports various printing solutions. It is essential to understand the available technologies and their benefits and limitations to plan and successfully implement the proper printing solution.

Citrix Profile Management with Azure Files - The article covers guidance and best practices for using Citrix Profile Management to manage user profiles on Azure Files as the back-end storage location.

Delivery Model Comparison - A Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solution can take on many delivery forms. The organization's business objectives help select the right approach as the different models impact the local IT team's management scope. Learn how Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops management scope changes based on using a locally managed deployment, a cloud service deployment and a cloud managed deployment.

Designing StoreFront and Gateway Integration - Learn about the different integration decisions involved when integrating StoreFront with Citrix Gateway for secure remote access.

Designing StoreFront and Multi-Site Aggregation - Learn about the different decisions involved when aggregating and de-duplicating applications and desktops from multiple sites.

Disaster Recovery Planning - Learn more about different decision factors and recommendations for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

HDX Graphics Overview - To meet different user requirements, the Citrix HDX protocol allows for different graphics modes to be configured. Learn about the different HDX modes and how they are configured.

Local Host Cache sizing and scaling - Learn about the decision factors involved in choosing the right sizing and scaling for Local Host Cache.

Provisioning Model for Image Management - Learn about the different decision factors involved in choosing the right provisioning model for image management. Learn more about Citrix Provisioning and Machine Creation Services solutions.

Remote PC Access - Remote PC Access is easy to deploy. These design decisions help maintain security, availability, and performance.

Single Server Scalability - Learn about the magic formula to calculate how many users you can have on a single server, what are the different variables that have an impact on scalability and recommendations to improve it.

VDI Model Comparison - Selecting the best VDI model starts with properly defining user groups and aligning the requirements with the capabilities of the VDI models. Learn how different factors play a role in selecting the correct VDI model for a user group.


Evaluating Application Delivery Methods - Learn about the different decision factors involved in choosing the optimal application delivery method.

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