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Tech Insight: Performance Analytics

  • Contributed By: Ana Ruiz

Performance Analytics gives you the tools and data to improve the performance of your environment with real actionable data. It provides user-centric experience scores, application, and infrastructure performance scores through advanced analytics. Also, it provides multi-site aggregation and reporting so customers with multiple sites can consume data from a single pane of glass.

Watch this video to learn more:


Watch this video to learn more:

Black Hole Machines

Some machines in your environment though registered and appearing healthy might not service sessions brokered to the them, resulting in failures. Machines that have failed to service four or more consecutive session requests are termed as Black hole machines. Citrix Analytics for Performance identifies black hole machines, making it easy for administrators to troubleshoot.

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Overloaded Machines

Machines that have experienced sustained CPU spikes, or high memory usage, or both, that have lasted for 5 minutes or more, resulting in a poor user experience in the selected duration are considered to be overloaded. This can cause high latency, high logon duration, and failures. Citrix Analytics for Performance helps administrators easily identify overloaded machines and troubleshoot them before more failures occur.

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