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Reference Architectures

  1. Reference Architecture: Workspace app

    Audience This reference architecture document defines a set of architectural building blocks for delivering Citrix Workspace app and Citrix Workspace. The target audiences are technical professionals and architects seeking knowledge on how to deliver a unified user experience using Citrix Workspace services and Citrix Workspace app. Objective of this document Citrix Workspace app works with Citrix Workspace Platform to deliver a unified user experience for single sign-on access to Windows, Li
  2. Reference Architecture: Workspace Environment Management service

    Introduction Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service uses intelligent resource management and Profile Management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop logon, and application response times for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. It is a software-only, driver-free solution. Resource management. To provide the best experience for users, WEM service monitors and analyzes user and application behavior in real time. It then intelligently adjusts RAM, CPU, a
  3. Reference Architecture: Zero Trust Network Access for Contractors and Temp Workers

    Overview CompanyA is complementing its full-time staff with contractors and temp workers. Using Citrix, the company has realized several productivity benefits as contractors and temp workers can get on-boarded quickly and begin work on business projects with minimal setup time. Also, since the company’s contractors and temp workers are typically mobile, they use Citrix to access resources from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. CompanyA's contractor and temp worker policy has led to g
  4. Securing Citrix DaaS for Azure

    In this article, we discuss how to secure your Citrix deployment in Azure. The sections explain how to implement the best practices and detailed configurations recommended by Microsoft and Citrix. We also provide guidance around which Microsoft Azure and Citrix security services are appropriate for securing your Citrix deployment. The first section presents Azure security where we discuss the key topics of administration, Azure Active Directory, networking, data protection, and Azure policy. Th
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