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Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - Troubleshooting High Availability Cheat Sheet

  • Contributed By: Gene Whitaker Special Thanks To: Adrianna Pellitteri


A high availability (HA) deployment of two Citrix ADC appliances can provide uninterrupted operation in any transaction. One appliance configured as the primary node and the other as the secondary node. The primary node accepts connections and manages servers. The secondary node monitors the primary. If for any reason the primary node is unable to accept connections, the secondary node takes over.

By default, the Citrix ADC sends heartbeats every 200 ms. A dead interval is sent every 3 sec. After three seconds, a peer node is marked DOWN if heartbeat messages are not received from the peer node.

The Citrix ADC high availability and sync cheat sheet provides you with the most commonly used resources to troubleshoot Citrix ADC high availability and sync issues.

Use the following link to




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