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  1. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - File System and Process Cheat Sheet

    Overview Citrix ADC consists of a highly customized ADC kernel running on top of the BSD operating system. While some files, directories and processes can be familiar, there are also numerous logs, processes, and directories that are specific to the ADC. Use this cheat sheet to understand where the ADC stores important files and the names of several ADC processes. Also, learn the locations for important log files to use when troubleshooting various issues. Use the following link to diagrams-
  2. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - nFactor Basics Cheat Sheet

    Overview Multifactor authentication enhances the security of an application by requiring users to provide multiple proofs of identify to gain access. The NetScaler appliance provides an extensible and flexible approach to configuring multifactor authentication. This approach is called nFactor authentication. nFactor authentication allows businesses to build authentication scenarios that match business use cases. These use cases include any number of authentication factors, login interface, and
  3. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - nsconmsg Commands Cheat Sheet

    Overview Nsconmsg operates on Citrix ADC newnslog and is the most widely used tool for troubleshooting Citrix ADC issues. The following are some of the most important points to remember: Reads newnslog formatted log files and displays the data The newnslog files are located in the /var/nslog/ directory Common items viewed from a newnslog are: counter statistics, console messages, events, commands, feature specific output, and system stats Run the following command, in shell, to view all ns
  4. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - SDX Basics and Log File Cheat Sheet

    Overview The Citrix ADC SDX appliance is a multitenant platform on which you can provision and manage multiple virtual Citrix ADC machines (instances). The Citrix ADC offers this capability without the typical loss in cryptographic performance. The SDX provides flexible multitenancy allowing service providers to fully isolate instances. Furthermore, administrators can separate instances based on the network security level, or business unit. This cheat sheet provides Citrix ADC SDX Basics and C
  5. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - Troubleshooting GSLB MEP Cheat Sheet

    Overview Citrix ADC configured for global server load balancing (GSLB) provides for disaster recovery and ensures continuous availability of applications by protecting against points of failure in a WAN. GSLB can balance the load across data centers by directing client requests to the closest or best performing data center. In the case of an outage, it can direct clients to the surviving data center. GSLB Metric Exchange Protocol (MEP) is a Citrix proprietary protocol used by Citrix
  6. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADC - Troubleshooting High Availability Cheat Sheet

    Overview A high availability (HA) deployment of two Citrix ADC appliances can provide uninterrupted operation in any transaction. One appliance configured as the primary node and the other as the secondary node. The primary node accepts connections and manages servers. The secondary node monitors the primary. If for any reason the primary node is unable to accept connections, the secondary node takes over. By default, the Citrix ADC sends heartbeats every 200 ms. A dead interval is sent every
  7. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix ADM - Overview Cheat Sheet

    Overview Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) is the only application delivery management platform that provides comprehensive automation, faster troubleshooting, and actionable insights. This capability happens all from a single pane of glass for all your application delivery controller (ADC) infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud environments. The Citrix ADM Overview Cheat Sheet provides a one-page summary of the ADM Platform detailing system requirements, deployment modes, protoco
  8. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix DaaS

    Diagrams To show in full size, click the image found below: Sources We would like to provide you with source diagrams that you can adapt for your own needs. Source Diagrams
  9. Diagrams and Poster: Citrix Workspace

    Diagrams Users are continuously blocked from getting work done because they are forced to remember which application they need, how to access it, how to authenticate to it and where to go within it. Citrix Workspaces improves the overall user experience by removing these challenges with the integration of multiple cloud-based services. The Citrix Workspace - User Experience poster provides an overview focusing on Primary Identity Integrated Intelligence Single Sig
  10. Diagrams and Poster: Virtual Apps and Desktops On-prem

    Diagrams To show in full size, click the image found below: Sources We would like to provide you with source diagrams that you can adapt for your own needs. Source Diagrams
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