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PoC Guide: Citrix Analytics for Performance

  • Contributed By: Citrix Technical Marketing


Citrix Analytics for Performance allows you to track, aggregate, and visualize key performance indicators of your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. It quantifies user experience and gives customers end-to-end visibility on what the root cause for end user experience is. It also provides multi-site aggregation and reporting. Customers who have multiple sites can consume data from a single pane of glass instead of having to log into multiple consoles. More information on Citrix Analytics for Performance can be found here and videos demonstrating the Citrix Analytics for Performance can be found here.





Please review the following Analytics for Performance onboarding guide before moving into your POC build.

 Analytics PoC Onboarding Guide.PDF

On-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Sites

  • Delivery Controller and Director 1909 or later
  • Citrix Cloud account with Citrix Analytics entitlements
    • Your Citrix Cloud account is an Administrator account with rights to the Product Registration Experience.
  • Full details on pre-requisites can be found here

On-premises StoreFront

  • Your StoreFront version must be 1906 or later.
  • The StoreFront deployment must be able to connect to the following address:
    • https://.cloud.com
    • *https:// api.analytics.cloud.com
  • The StoreFront deployment must have port 443 open for outbound internet connections. Any proxy servers on the network must allow this communication with Citrix Analytics.

Deployment Steps

Connecting Citrix Analytics with on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop sites

  1. Log into Director as a full administrator and pick which Site you want to configure with Performance Analytics


  2. Click the Analytics tab


  3. Select the terms and click Get Started


  4. Click Connect Site


  5. Click Copy Code and then click Register on Citrix Cloud


  6. Log in to Citrix Cloud


  7. Paste the 8 digit code you copied in Director and click continue


Connecting to on-premises StoreFront

  1. Log into Citrix Cloud and click Manage under the Analytics console from your StoreFront server


  2. Click Manage


  3. Click on settings and then click on data sources


  4. Click the ellipses next to Virtual Apps and Desktops and select Connect to StoreFront Deployment


  5. Click download file


  6. Open powershell and run the following command: Import-STFCasConfiguration -Path "configuration file path"


  7. You will now be able to see that the StoreFront database has been added


Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Citrix Analytics automatically detects Citrix DaaS sites and no action by the administrator is needed.

Relevant Data

Once data is flowing into the environment some things to keep in mind:

Multi-site aggregation

Allows you to get insights into multi-sites regardless of whether they are hosted on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.



User-Experience Score

The User Experience score is a comprehensive measurement of the quality of the session established by the user. Click on the number of poor users



User experience score are based on:

  • Session availability
  • Session responsiveness
  • Session logon duration
  • Session resiliency


You can click on each factor to get corresponding subfactors and insights into what might be causing the issue and proactively resolve those issues.



Failure Insights

Failure Insights provide insights into the root causes for session failures in your environment.



Click on the number of machines to see which machines are black hole machines



Click on a specific machine to see further details on the black-hole machine



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