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Quick Start Guide- Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure

  • Contributed By: Ana Ruiz, Steve Beals


Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure is the quickest and simplest way to deliver Windows virtual apps and desktops from Azure. Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure provides admin simplicity, greater flexibility, increased security, and superior end user experience

More information on Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure can be found here



Before getting started make sure to complete the following pre-requisites:

  • Citrix Cloud account
    • Note: you can only have one edition of Citrix DaaS at a time. If you already have a different edition of Citrix DaaS, it will not let you request a Citrix DaaS for Azure from that account. More information can be found here
    • If you already have a version of Citrix DaaS, you can use the same features in your current solution via the Quick Deploy function. More information can be found here
  • Azure account: this can be your own Azure subscription, or you can purchase a Citrix managed Azure subscription. More information on the different functionality with these two options can be found here
  • Valid DNS entries that can resolve public and private domain names. More information on what you need and how to check if you have valid DNS entries for the domain joined machines can be found here

High-level steps

  1. Register for Citrix Cloud/request Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure trial
  2. Add your Azure subscription
  3. Connect your Azure Active Directory or Active Directory in Citrix Cloud
  4. Create a catalog
  5. Adding applications (for multi-session machines)
  6. Give users access to their resources

Request Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure Trial

To request access to a Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure trial, you must have a valid Citrix Cloud account. Citrix Cloud is a platform that hosts and administers all the Citrix Cloud services, including Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for a Citrix Cloud account here.

To request a trial for Citrix DaaS for Azure, you must follow the steps here.

Add Azure Subscription

Before creating any catalogs, you need to add your own Azure subscription (unless you are using Citrix managed Azure). To add your Azure subscription, you have two options:

  • If you are a global administrator for the directory and have contributor privileges for the subscription, you simply authenticate to your Azure account.
  • If you are not a global administrator and have contributor privileges on the subscription, before adding the subscription to the service, create an Azure app in your Azure AD and then add that app as a contributor of the subscription. When you add that subscription to the service, provide relevant app information. Step by step guide on how to add your Azure subscription can be found here

Connect Azure Active Directory to Citrix Cloud

For your users to authenticate to Citrix Workspace, you must determine what authentication method you want to provide. If you are using Citrix managed Azure, you can skip this step.

More information on how to configure can be found here

Create Catalog

To publish virtual applications and desktops, we need to create a catalog which is a group of identical virtual machines. A step-by-step guide on how to custom create a catalog can be found here. Here you are able to determine the type of OS, the machine specifications, the number of machines, storage type, and network connectivity among other.

For POCs, it is recommended one of the pre-existing Citrix images is used. However, Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure gives you the ability to import your own images if you chose to do so. More information on Images can be found here

Add applications

If you want to add virtual applications, you can add applications to a catalog. This is available for multi-session machines. Step by step on how to add applications to the catalog can be found here.

Give users access

To give users access to their resources, you need to add the end users as subscribers. A step by step on how to get this done can be found here

Users access their apps and desktops through the workspace URL. You are able to customize the Workspace URL to make it easier to remember. You can find how to configure it here. You can find the workspace URL [here](/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops-standard-azure/configure-manage.html#workspace-url0.

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