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  1. Citrix Cloud Native Networking for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 Validated Reference Design

    Overview The NetScaler ADC Stack fulfills basic requirements for application availability features (ADC), security features segregation (WAF), scaling of agile application topologies (SSL and GSLB), and proactive observability (Service Graph) into a highly orchestrated Cloud Native Era, environment. Digital Transformation is fueling the need to move modern application deployments to microservice-based architectures. These Cloud-Native architectures leverage application containers, micr
  2. Service Migration to NetScaler ADC using Routes in OpenShift Validated Reference Design

    Static and Auto Routes in an OpenShift cluster Static Routes (Default) - maps the OpenShift HostSubnet to the External ADC via a Static route Static routes are common in legacy OpenShift deployments using HAProxy. The static routes can be used in parallel with Citrix node controller (CNC), Citrix ingress controller (CIC), and CPX when migrating services from one Service Proxy to another without disrupting the deployed namespaces in a functioning cluster. Example static route confi
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