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Design Decision: Migration Considerations

  • Contributed By: Loay Shbeilat, Paul Wilson

Citrix servers can be hosted on various platforms, including Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and physical servers. The most time-consuming part of moving Citrix to the cloud is the planning process. The planning process requires both discovery and analysis to determine the best path for the migration. The end result of the analysis is a document that provides a migration plan. Here are the questions that you need to answer about Citrix Workload Migrations:

How do I migrate my Citrix VDA hosts to Azure?

  • Azure Migrate integrates with Azure services and supports other third-party tools. Azure Migrate helps you complete the migration process from an on-premises data center to Azure.

Are there any utilities available to help migrate applications and application data to Azure?

  • Azure Migrate includes tools to help discover and assess the current environment and plan the migration of applications, servers, and data to Azure.

How do I use Azure for capacity planning?

  • Use the Azure Migrate Server Assessment for planning the migration when possible.

  • Movere (Microsoft SaaS offering) is another possible Microsoft tool to assist with migration assessment. Movere is only available through the Microsoft Solution Assessment and Microsoft Cloud Economics Program.

How do I move my application data to Azure?

  • Azure Migrate offers an Azure VMware Solution tool in Preview to help with migrating all of your servers, including the Citrix workloads.

  • Use Azure VMware Solution (AVS) integration to provision your Citrix VDA workload just like other vSphere workloads in your on-premises data center

Azure VMware Solutions

Using Azure VMware Solution (AVS) provides the following advantages if you are currently use VMware virtualization in your on-premises data center:

  • Cloud Migration Support: Easily migrate desktops and applications between VMware deployments, including replicating up to 500 VMs simultaneously.

  • Familiar Administration: Administrators are familiar with the VMware interface and are comfortable with the administration tools and interfaces.

  • Data center extension: Use the data center extension to provide burstable capacity and support remote locations. The data center extension helps during periods of high demand, disaster recovery or business continuity by taking advantage of the rapid elasticity provided within AVS.

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