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  1. What is a sample dashboard? A sample dashboard is a collection of metrics related to a particular use case/scenario that allows you to visualize the metrics and analyse the scenario in a meaningful way within a short duration. With the sample dashboards, you can avoid looking at multiple metrics in different locations or files to analyse a particular scenario. Use Case Consider a scenario where you want to view the overall health of NetScaler in your network. To know the overall health, you need to view the data such as the total number of requests received by the virtual server, CPU utilization, currently used memory of NetScaler. Observability Sample Dashboard for NetScaler ADC is one of many dashboards that NetScaler supports that provides you with visualisation of some key metrics that helps you determine the health of NetScaler in less time. Supported endpoints: NetScaler provides sample dashboards for the following endpoints: Grafana Splunk For the list of sample dashboards that NetScaler supports and how to view them, refer the docs link here.
  2. Hi @Eirik Vesterhus​, The IP Reputation document is now updated.
  3. Hi @Eirik Vesterhus​, Could you please elaborate on the documentation updates that you are looking for?
  4. We’re excited to inform you that the recently launched NetScaler version 14.1 is packed with many new features and enhancements that we believe will be highly beneficial for you. Take a look at some of the key highlights. SecurityImproved protection against TCP spoofing attacks - To strengthen the protection against TCP spoofing attacks, NetScaler is compliant with RFC-5961. With this compliance, NetScaler provides the following capabilities in addition to RST window attenuation and SYN spoof protection: Reduces the probability of invalid data injection.Allows imposing a limit on the number of challenge ACK responses per second sent by the NetScaler. Rate limiting SSL renegotiations - Limits the number of renegotiation requests received on an SSL entity in one second.Store Authentication Context Class Reference values - NetScaler configured as an on-premises IdP can store Authentication Context Class Reference (ACR) values provided by Citrix Workspace to support the Citrix multi-domain login feature of Citrix Workspace Platform. When Citrix Workspace sends the ACR values to the OAuth authorization endpoint of the NetScaler IdP, NetScaler stores the ACR values. You can use ACR values to determine the next factor in the nFactor flow.ObservabilitySplunk integration - Export the events generated on NetScaler to Splunk, and use the Splunk dashboard to visualize the exported data to get meaningful insights.Compressed core dumps for NetScaler BLX - NetScaler BLX generates compressed core dumps if the core-dumps parameter is enabled in the NetScaler BLX configuration file (blx.conf).Support for an extended StoreFront monitor - Supports extended StoreFront monitor that can simulate the authentication and app enumeration on the Citrix StoreFront store on behalf of a test user account. This account is pre-cofigured and enabled for the purpose of monitoring.PerformanceBackup VPX partitions - You can now back up and restore the following properties of VPX partitions during the backup and restore of NetScaler SDX. Responder filePartition MACs TLS 1.3 protocol support on back-end services, service groups, and monitors - Back-end services, service groups, and monitors now support the TLS 1.3 protocol when connecting to back-end servers.VersatilityView SSL rating of an application - You can review SSL issues and upgrade the application to obtain an A+ rating.Web Insights You can now understand the percentage distribution received based on the total requests for the selected duration for the following metrics: ClientsServersGeo LocationsURLs You can drill down any metric and also export the required data from any widget.An administrator can view the complete graph, including the nil values. Earlier nil values were skipped in the graph. Stylebooks The "replace ()" built-in function can also accept the list of the following built-in types: "String""ipaddress""tcp-port""number""boolean" The built-in functions support the multiple () function.As an administrator, you can restrict user groups from accessing configuration packs created by other user groups. InfrastructureNetScaler SDX 9100 license enhancements A new license limit of 60G.The license limit is increased from 30G to 95G. To know more about the NetScaler 14.1-4.x release enhancements, see ADC Release Notes and ADM Release Notes.
  5. The following topic covers troubleshooting tips for "Missing EUEM ICA RTT ". Please check if it helps. https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-application-delivery-management-software/current-release/analytics/hdx-insight/hdx-insight-troubleshooting.html#record-generation-for-hdxica-traffic-in-netscaler-checklist
  6. Please refer to https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/appexpert/policies-and-expressions/introduction-to-policies-and-exp/converting-policy-expressions-nspepi-tool.html for information on converting classic policies to Advanced policies.
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