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  • Observability : Sample dashboards on Grafana and Splunk

    Sridevi K N
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    What is a sample dashboard?

    A sample dashboard is a collection of metrics related to a particular use case/scenario that allows you to visualize the metrics and analyse the scenario in a meaningful way within a short duration. With the sample dashboards, you can avoid looking at multiple metrics in different locations or files to analyse a particular scenario.

    Use Case

    Consider a scenario where you want to view the overall health of NetScaler in your network. To know the overall health, you need to view the data such as the total number of requests received by the virtual server, CPU utilization, currently used memory of NetScaler.

    Observability Sample Dashboard for NetScaler ADC  is one of many dashboards that NetScaler supports that provides you with visualisation of some key metrics that helps you determine the health of NetScaler in less time. 

    Supported endpoints: NetScaler provides sample dashboards for the following endpoints:

    • Grafana
    • Splunk

    For the list of sample dashboards that NetScaler supports and how to view them, refer the docs link here.

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