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Hello, I need to provide a generic presentation on GSLB using ADC for an active -active datacenter topology. Where I can find slides on this topic? Thanks.

Amador Peralta

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Here is a simple example of how to configure NetScaler GSLB for an active-active data center topology:

  1. Let's assume you have two data centers, DC1 and DC2, each hosting the same web application.
  2. On DC1, create a NetScaler VIP address with IP address and configure a GSLB site with name "DC1".
  3. On DC2, create a NetScaler VIP address with IP address and configure a GSLB site with name "DC2".
  4. Create a GSLB service with name "web-app" and associate the VIP addresses from DC1 and DC2 to the service.
  5. Configure a health monitor to monitor the health of the backend servers hosting the web application.
  6. Configure a load balancing method, such as round robin, to distribute traffic between the backend servers.
  7. Create a DNS zone for the web application and delegate the zone to the NetScaler GSLB.
  8. Publish the web application using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) such as "www.my-app.com" and configure clients to use the FQDN to access the application.

NetScaler provides a wizard to help you configure GSLB in a graphical user interface. The wizard guides you through the steps to create a GSLB deployment and provides options to customize the deployment to meet your specific needs. The wizard makes it easier to configure a GSLB deployment, especially for those who are new to NetScaler or who are not familiar with the command line interface. To access the wizard, log into the NetScaler web-based management interface and navigate to the GSLB section. From there, you can launch the wizard and follow the steps to create a new GSLB deployment.

More Details here:


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