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What is special about the LB types MQTT and MQTT_TLS on Netscaler?

Björn Jeide
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If you create a LB of type MQTT or MQTT_TLS what special settings are used by Netscaler?

What is the differnce to a standard HTTP or SSL LB vserver?

And why do you have to configure the ssl certificate and profile for the MQTT_TLS LB vserver via CLI? It is not shown in GUI of Netscaler version 13.0-88.16.

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The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) load balancing let's you front end multiple MQTT broker pools and send traffic only to those pools that are responding properly when probed. It brings the Load Balancing and protection capabilities of the NetScaler to MQTT traffic. MQTT_TLS is the secure method of that load balancing.

For more information, review this link.


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