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CIC errors uploading certificate renewal.

Garry Cyre

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have some k8s services the use Lets Encrypt for certificates, we started seeing errors when CIC tries to upload new certificates

```2024-01-02 18:15:47,715 - INFO - [nitrointerface.py:nsapp_handle_certkeys:2724] (MainThread) ssl vserver:[redacted] SNI certs, server certs to remove:[] , server certs to add:['citrix-2PWDEZBU6WHZLT2JZXG6LB']

2024-01-02 18:15:50,185 - ERROR - [nitrointerface.py:_create_nsapp_certkey:3164] (MainThread) Nitro Exception while adding certificate citrix-2PWDEZBU6WHZLT2JZXG6LB errorcode=1647,message=Input file(s) not present or not accessible in current partition


These are already existing services, there were no issues creating the original certificates.

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Hello Garry,

Can you please share the complete CIC log with CIC and Ingress manifest file to check the configuration?

You can share the requested details over netscaler-appmodernization@cloud.com or raise the support case.

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