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SQL Account to create DB

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Our Citrix studio user doesnt have DB rights, instead we have SQL local user created for this, i can see below information from citrix , so in my understandind while configuring the DB from studio, this will first try with studio user if it fails, it will prompt for user credential. 

DB sql local user with privileges is enough for this? and if we change the password of this user do we need to update it in studio?

"If your Studio user credentials do not include these permissions, you are prompted for SQL Server user credentials.

When using Studio to perform these operations, the Studio user must either have a database server account that is explicitly a member of the appropriate server roles, or be able to provide credentials of an account that is."


also testnw02\inst02 this is how i connect to the instance in sql studio and we have port configured 2020 for this 


what is the format to be userd  testnw02\inst02,2020 failed to connect. what is the correct format .


@CarlStalhood if you can help

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