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Update from 13.0 to 13.1

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we are on latest 13.0 release and we want to update to 13.1 , is there an upgrade path to follow or we can go straight to the latest 13.1 release?

Is it correct to perform first the SDX update then the VPX? 


Thank you 

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I have gone directly from 13.0 build 92.19 to 13.1 only issue was the compression found by running the nspepi tool 


image.thumb.png.c87e3c3f94c8d7dbded668047870b1f3.pngThe following configuration lines will get errors in 13.1 and both they and dependent configuration will be removed from the configuration:


bind cmp global ns_nocmp_xml_ie -priority 8700 -state DISABLED

bind cmp global ns_nocmp_mozilla_47 -priority 8800 -state DISABLED

bind cmp global ns_cmp_mscss -priority 8900 -state DISABLED

bind cmp global ns_cmp_msapp -priority 9000 -state DISABLED

bind cmp global ns_cmp_content_type -priority 10000 -state DISABLED



thus running the upgrade i did :


./installns -Y


Been running for two months so far no issues




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