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switching from deprecated classic session policies to advanced session policies seems to break the auth mechanism

Andy Vanderbeken

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I'm currently setting up a copy of our productional basic ICA ONLY Netscaler Gateway from scratch for QA purposes in order to validate our existing installation procedures and implement new changes. 1 of those changes is simply replacing the deprecated classic policies by advanced policies but when I do so I find that logging on to our published Citrix desktops suddenly no longer works but instead gives:




with the following syslog message:





When I unbind that new advanced policy from the Virtual Server and bind once more the classic version (which uses the exact same session profile) instead all immediately works fine again and there is no more warning log entry in the syslog. Here are both policies side by side:




Anyone come across the same problem or have any idea ? Switching between both policies is litteraly the only change I'm making between working or not.





Additional info


Netscaler firmware version: image.png.19dacf1a7b2ec70c6baaa14f72e48e37.png



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10 hours ago, Ken Zygmunt said:



Edit your Gateway vServer and let me know what your "ICA Only" is set to in 'Basic Settings'. I'm guessing it's set to true?




Ken Z


Hi Zygmunt,


no. I clearly and explicitly mentioned my CAG installation as a "basic ICA ONLY Netscaler Gateway" in my OP to indicate that to anyone that reads this post:




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