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Citrix IE Mode TLS \ Certifcate error

andy bailey1709155850



Sorry for the lengthy question - but I am pulling out my hair.  Any apologies if in wrong forum.

We have a secure network with connections to outside industry, which host applications  connected by browser.

Our users on our normal network connect up via a citrix gateway to the citrix farm to these applications.

We have VDA servers - one W2012 (old farm) and other W2022 (new farm being tested).

I'm trying to connect upto a HTTPS site

The W2012 VDA connects up to the app using IE11 - no issues when using Citrix 

On W2022 VDA it uses Edge and although it connects fine, it has issues with the date format, changing the language to en-GB causes data to not loaded.  We have been informed that we need to use IE Mode (we have no choice in this).

I've set up IE mode through GPO's and it works fine when running directly on the W2022 server it connects in IE mode and the I can open the HTTPS site and see the certificate etc.

When I try the same from the normal network - I'm getting Can't connect security to this page, this might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.

As mentioned if I change back to Edge it connects ok, the old W2012 using IE connects without issue.  Any workstations on the secure network work fine in IE mode as well.

I've tried to connect from the secure network via Citrix (bypassing the gateway) but still have the issue.

If I look for the certificate it says the site does not have one - it appears when using Edge and the old IE 11.


Does anyone have any idea what it could be that is stopping it?






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