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Setting Up Alert for Service Remaining "Out of Service" for 2 Hours on a vServer

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I have a vServer setup with two services (servers) using HTTP 80. During a deployment, one service is disabled (Out of Service) and is enabled again post-testing.

However, there have been instances where we forget to enable the service again. Therefore, I wish to set up an alerting mechanism that sends an email if a service remains in "Out of Service" status for a period of 2 hours.


I am using Citrix ADM version 13.0.91. I have been trying to find a way to configure thresholds and alerts for this scenario, but I am unable to locate the necessary settings in ADM.


Can anyone guide me on how to set this up, or is there an alternative method to achieve this alerting functionality?


Your assistance will be highly appreciated.


Kinds Regards


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