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Citrix ADM Cloud Service - Considerations and costs

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I'm considering replacing our on-prem ADM VM (version 13) with the ADM service as we have a drive to move off prem in general in my org. Currently we monitor 2 vServers with the ADM VM. the spec of the VM is


  • 8 x vCPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Storage

Looking at the base requirements for the ADM service the free version is not of much use as only maintains 500 MS or 24 hrs (which ever is lower) of data. To use the paid version we need to buy a minimum of 10 vServer licensee but then get a pooled storage amount of 5 GB. This would be ~ 1200 Euro/year our reseller tells us.

So, we use it really for up/down monitoring and HDX insights. How can I estimate how much storage I will need to buy? 

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