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็How to solution for Office 365 for Citrix with Outlook set to cache and store OST on network drive.

Artimus Aunos




I need to find a solution's best pratice for Office 365  which includes outlook  to cache and store OST on network drive. 

I have installed VDA version 2203 CU3 on Windows 2019 and use UPM.  I'm testing to use Outlook's Office365 with Virtual App.  I found problem about\


1. I can configure email if use Desktop Citrix Session Only but cannot set email by application to run Outlook icon or Email Setting at StoreFront Web which found message error 's We 're sorry, we couldn't set up your account automatically, To try setting up the account yourself, click Next...


2. After setting to move Cache location to Network drive Share found problem's Outlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mail box name. The Microsoft Exchange Information sevice in your profile is missing required information. Modify your profile to ensue that you are using the correct Microsoft Exchange information Service.


Please suggest the best way to set it up so that it can work with Citrix in this environment.



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Network locations for OST cache is not recommeneded.


You will want to setup containerization in UPM for the Outlook data.  This will store it in a mountable vhdx similar to fslogix.


Also look into Shellbridge, you need to set that up for published outlook to get it to sign in and setup correctly.





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