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Not able to copy paste files from Citrix session to local machine

Arunkumar K


Hi All,

We have recently deployed Citrix Virtual Apps 2203 LTSR CU2 on Win 2016 OS. Added one VDA in 2016, published explorer.exe.  No Citrix policies configured.


We are trying to copy files and folders from the launched explorer app and pasting it to our local D drive but its not working.


Please extend your support.

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Try pasting multiple times.  If it works on the third time it is an issue I ran into with Session Recording.


If you run director do you see any policies that might be applied from other locations that are blocking it?


Can you paste through the Client mapped drives, instead of out of the session to local folders?

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Hello, was there a solution for this issue? I am currently running into the same problem on CVAD 7 2203 LTSR CU2.  It appears that a workaround is to close existing Citrix session and relaunch it, but this is a bit of an inconvenience when working in the middle of something.  Also, I am able to copy from my local machine to Citrix (using the latest version of the client), but not from my Citrix session to my local machine.


Additional details:

Citrix version: CVAD 7 2203 LTSR CU2

Citrix client version: (2311)

VDA OS version: Windows Server 2016

Local machine OS version: Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1

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we are also facing the issue that copy and paste is not working well from time to time  - I am receiving tickets only from a small group of users actually what seems to be a bit strange.

I am additionally get from time to time an error "Remote Procedure Call failed" (see attachment; unfortunately only in German)  -  but in some cases the paste button is only greyed out within the session.

Very strange behavior.


Current Workaround - log off the session and login again, in most cases the problem is resolved for a few days or weeks.

Other users on the same Citrix Server don't have this issue; copy-paste is working well.


Also "stealing" the session from another PC from the same user resolves the issue, what I think is pretty curious.

My last test which I am currently observing is that I renewed the Windows profile on the users PC but I don't think this will finally resolve the issue.


Maybe this is a software issue with 2203 LTSR CUx ? I cannot really find the exact description within the known/fixed issue section for CVAD 2203...


Citrix CVAD 2203 LTSR CU3

Citrix Workspace LTSR 2203 CU5 (latest)

VDA OS Version: Windows Server 2019 (latest Windows Updates installed)

Local Machine OS Version: Windows 10 or Windows 11 (don't know the exact version)



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