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a script to query the Citrix Director database to see the failed user connections

Chris Marreel


do we have an example (powershell) script that queries the Monitoring database (= Citrix Director data) to list or count the failed user connections in the last (e.g) 30 minutes, and if there are more than 3 failed user connections to one specific Citrix VDA-worker, then that VDA-worker should be put into maintenance mode so a system administrator should get an e-mail or trigger and check that VDA-worker ?


Examples are welcome.


If we run that script every (e.g.) 15 minutes it can take an bad- behaving XenApp-worker 'offline' so it no longer accepts connections. All this to avoid the "black hole" issue of a bad-behaving VDA-worker that attracts all the new sessions as they don't succeed, but the session-count-number (used in the session balancing) isn't increased...



  Chris Marreel

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