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nFactor multi language

Joost Sannen

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I'm trying nFactor en a theme based on RfWebUI. I created a Login Schema based  with the first factor is based on OnlyUsername.xml . Edited Dutch and selected the correct and new xml file. I verified the browser language is Dutch. But it never shows the username in Dutch. After waiting for a timeout it does show some default text in Dutch for 'Logon had timed out due to inactivity.' so the functionality is present. 


I want the text in the rectangle not only in English but also in Dutch.




What is the right way of doing nFactor and multi language?

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When you modify text in




the file in /var/netscaler/logon/LogonPoint/custom/strings.nl.json gets modified


{"User name":"Gebruikersnaam"," Please enter UserName ...":"Gebruikersnaam","Remember my password":"Remember my password","Log On":"Aanmelden","Please supply either username as saamaccountname":"Please supply either username as saamaccountname","...AssistiveText...":"...AssistiveText...","User..name":"User..name","":"","User name :":"Gebruikersnaam :"}


How is this going to work with a theme?

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