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Adding Infoblox to ADM as IPAM provider

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I'm trying to add Infoblox to Citrix ADM as an IPAM Provider. When I attempt this I get an error message:


"Invalid provider information: Invalid attributes for registering provider"


The url for Infoblox is correct (I'm also using the infoblox local admin account with full permissions) - I've tried using ip of infoblox and fqdn.


Infoblox logs show successful login when I get the above error. ADM logs show the following Informational log:


User <ADM_USER> - Remote_ip <PC_IP> - Command "CREATE /ipam/nitro/v1/config/providers - Status "Failed" - Message "BAD REQUEST"



I've used earlier version of ADM with the same result -  can anyone suggest what the issue is please?




p.s. forgot to add that version of Inofblox is 8.5.5

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