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Working on creating a new PVS gold image and have a simple question

Robert Peck


Will someone please explain the difference between these two options?


They both seem to be the same thing to me.  Isn't a vDisk an image file and isn't 'this device's boot hard disk' the same (or at least potentially the same) as 'this device's booted disk'.  

Seems like a simple question but not being easy to Google.



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I agree it's not very clear, but the difference is that "Create an image file" creates a VHD/VHDX file on the machine running the imaging wizard but does NOT upload to the store or actually create a vDisk from the image. This allows you to create an image on one machine then copy it to a PVS store and create a vDisk from it by importing the VHD.


Create a VDisk actually creates the image VHD/VHDX in the PVS store and registers it as a vDisk that can be used for streaming.



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