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Using ADM to create Stylebooks/Config Packs from ADC

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I'm trying to use ADM to build stylebooks. When I go to Applications > Configuration > Config Packs and select Migrate ADC Configuration

I select the same ADC as both source/target to create StyleBook/ConfigPack

After a few seconds, I get an error:


Discovering Applications
Fetching ns.conf file from the source ADC
extract Vservers Failed


When I click on OK to close the window, the following appears:


Failed to fetch applications
{"errorcode":100,"message":"Migration Error. Please check the log file for more information."}


The logs entry for this:

User <USERNAME> - Remote_ip <MY_IP_ADDRESS> - Command "CREATE /stylebook/nitro/v2/config/adc_configs/actions/extract_vservers - Status "Success" - Message "Done"


I'm using on the ADM and NetScaler NS13.1: Build 37.38.nc on the ADC - tried different vetsions for both with same outcome.

I have the same issue when attempting "Import using CLI commands" and when using "upload configuration file", the NEXT button is greyed out.

Any suggestions on getting this ADM function working? Currently using default licensing.


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I contacted Citrix support and they came up with the following workaround to get this working:



Settings > Administration > System Configuration > System, Time zone, Allowed URLs and Agent Settings 


Disable the following:

Basic Settings => Prompt Credentials for Instance Login


Reason for disabling this is:

 "When this is ‘Enabled’, Communication to ADC does NOT use instance profile passwords and expects user to provide the authentication details in the request headers"



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