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vda server 2016 users unable to log off

Björn Schläfli


Virtual Apps 2203

VDA multi-session 2203 CU2

WEM 2203



Every now and then we have an issue with some of our vda servers. Users are unable to log off completely. Server logs a lot of 7011 events in event log (Services not responding for ....ms). Citrix Director and Studio shows the user as connected. In task-manager the affected users on this server are not visibile. Searching for this userid in process explorer shows some left handles under system context like WEM service, lsass. CPU and RAM have low load. Log off these users in task-manager, Studio or Director has no effect. Restarting WEM services, UPM service has no effect. 

I'm able to enable maintenance mode and change the hidden attribute of these users to true, so they are able to logon to another server again.

The only way at the moment to fix this is to reset the virtual machine.

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