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Gateway SAML authentication /cgi/samlauth error

Joost Sannen

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I've this basic SAML Authentication Policy bound directly to the Gateway Virtual Server acting the Netscaler as SAML SP. Using 13.1 33.47. When I go to https://FQDN/cgi/samlauth I get this error 


Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43549 (status code  500 Internal Server Error)


It's the only authentication policy bound. When I switch to a LDAP policy the Gateway is operational. What's wrong with this setup?

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originally you said you were using a SAML basic authentication policy bound directly to the VServer (as the only policy), but lower down you say you're using nFactor.

These two statements are mutually exclusive?

Can you upload a screenshot of your SAML Server Profile?





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