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Problems with exporting layers in 2206

Sandy Williams


Not sure if it's just me but I was able to export layers before I upgraded to 2206 within IE.  In 2206 I can successfully connect to the file share but when I go through the version selection I select a bunch of layers and click save and the screen is blank and Confirm and Complete is greyed out because Version selection is blank.

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Is this fixed in the latest 2206 patch as per https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX461461/app-layering-2206-wmi-applications-relying-on-the-global-assembly-cache-gac-fail-to-run cause I'm having this problem too and just escalated the ticket I opened 12 hours ago to a manager to get the patch.  Obviously a bit hesitant to upgrade without being able to do backups of my layers but oh well.. 

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