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Citrix ADM 13.1 Metrics Collector won't enable

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About a month ago I upgraded our Citrix ADM appliance which was a couple versions behind.  This caused my ADM appliance to stop receiving HDX and gateway data. I can see data from a month ago.


  I am using a Citrix ADM 13.1.27 with a few ADC 13.0  VPX appliances. On one of my ADC VPX's the metrics collector won't enable. I check off the "Enable" button  and click OK.  When I go back to this ADC Metric collector I no longer see this enabled. I have a couple other VPX appliances and the collector is enabled. 





Things I tried so far: 


1. Rebooted ADC Appliance

2. Completely removed ADC instance within ADM and added back

3. Setup a brand new ADM appliance as a test. 


I am thinking there is some something on the ADC blocking the collector from being enabled. I have a support ticket opened with Citrix but we can't seem to resolve.  Anyone else run into a similar issue?






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