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the program wfica32.exe stopped interacting with windows and was closed

Björn Schläfli


every day user's complaining about they are unable to launch published applications from start menu suddenly. They always have an open session, which is disconnected suddenly. Reconnect is not working after it. Workspace app launches for a short time and disappears. No errors or warnings in event logs on Storefront, ddcs and vdas. But one on the client:

Workspace App: 2107

Error Event:


Application hang

the program wfica32.exe stopped interacting with windows and was closed


It affects multiple users, which are working in different domains on different Citrix sites.

No webcams or anything else connected by usb to de client device.

We use Virtual apps 2203 now. The issue existed with 2103 before. Update to workspace 2203.1 is not an option because of a bug in it. 2203.2 is not released.


User is not able to reconnect from another computer to his session. In Studio the new connection with the new clientname is displayed. 

Computer restart is not helpful.

The only workaround to get the users working again is to log off their session from studio / director.


Anybody have an idea?

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just saw that Citrix released Virtual Apps & Desktops 2203 CU1 and found these fixed issues in their list for vda 2203 cu1:



"The wfshell.exe process might exit unexpectedly, causing new application launches from published applications to fail. [CVADHELP-17310]"

"The wfshell.exe process might exit unexpectedly when the virtual channel disconnects. [CVADHELP-17982]"


I will now install and test the vda 2203 cu1 and report back.

Hi Aldric,

no sadly not. It was only one client with an application hang event in event log so far. The rest shows no event when the issue happens. I will update this post as soon as I have more information.

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