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Platform layer NIC driver corrupted by upgrade to VMtools 9.2.3 in OS layer


After upgrading VMtools in a 2019 OS layer from 9.2.2 to version 9.2.3 I've found that the Platform layer now has a corrupt NIC driver. 

Windows device manager show the NIC has a driver issue and the NIC wont show as an adapter in the Windows list of network adapters.  

  NIC driver XenServer PV Network Drive version (10/26/2021)  shows as not digitally signed . Additionally if attempt to install the NIC driver, I get an error that the system cannot find the file specified. 

I can use the older NIC driver, and get connectivity. but everytime I reboot the layer, the NIC drops and I have to set the driver again. 

A new app layer based just on the OS has good NIC , shows NIC driver XenServer PV Network Drive version (10/26/2021)  shows IS digitally signed.

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