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Receiving 'LoginIScsiTarget' error when importing OS layer via ImportOsLayer.ps1

Mike Gallagher


I've been working  ticket for this, but it isnt getting anywhere, so I thought I'd try posting it here. Here's my issue:




When attempting to import a new Operating system layer from a VM template using ImportOsLayer.ps1, we receive the following error:


2022-04-26 19:16:06,062 ERROR 14 NativeMethodInterceptor: Native method 'LoginIScsiTarget' returned error 0xEFFF0003.

2022-04-26 19:16:06,062 ERROR 14 IscsiService: Failed to login to iSCSI target 'iqn.1994-07.com.citrix.al:elm.f99d9c3cdc4641aa99bdf9f3548441f2.17858576.0' at System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The connection failed.




OS layer operating system and name: Windows 2019 Datacenter

PL layer which software has been installed with name: Not applicable. This failure occurs before we are able to import the OS layer and create a Platform layer

Attached app layer software installed with name: Not applicable.

Hypervisor: VMWare VSphere ESX

Connector details screenshot:


Are you using PVS/MCS: PVS only

ELM version:




On the advice of our previous Citrix engineer on the original case,  we opened TCP port 3260 between the Citrix App Layering Packaging machine network and the Citrix Enterprise Layer Management appliance (ELM).


We encountered the same error after this request was fulfilled.


My firewall rules were set up like this:


Source: Packaging VM network  X.X..150 - XX.X.250

Destination: D2PBBCTXELM01V (The ELM) X.X.161.28

Port: 3260


The packaging VM network is the network where App Layering layer packaging VMs are generated when creating/updating app layers.


The Windows 2019 VM template I’m trying to import using the ELM Console exists on a different network (as my previous Windows 2012 R2 template also is configure).


This network is x.x.176.0. Since I’m attempting to import this template, does this VM template need to have 3260 open to the ELM during the import process, rather than the network the app layering layer packaging machines reside on (x.x.237.0).


Please advise us on next steps to take. I'd like to setup a conference call to discuss this issue ASAP, as this now is impacting critical project timelines.




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