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My Director is not working and my secondary controller is showing up as no display name under controllers in the primary controller Studio


What came up when I ran Citrix Scout;  


License Server certificate not in Delivery Controller trusted root store

The License Server certificate is not in the Delivery Controller's trusted root certificate store. This could affect Studio and Director managing and displaying information from the License Server.


One or more Delivery Controllers have failed

One or more Delivery Controllers in your Site have failed and cannot be contacted. If the Controllers can't be reached, VDAs can't register with the Site and users won't be able to access their applications and desktops.


Extra registered service instance for Citrix Broker Service

The list of addresses stored in the database at which the Configuration Service can be reached is not up to date for Citrix Broker Service. Extra service instance was found.


Also, we are having alot of end users claiming they are freezing up when they connect via Citrix Receiver and they are running the latest version.  Plus our Citrix env is 7.15, as this was the min for our Varian Cancer application.




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