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Netscaler OTP

Kim Keith

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Hi All 


I have setup OTP on Netscaler and it works fine - now i need it that users who are member of a AD group don't need to login with OTP (Leave the 3 bar blank on the gateway login page)

In Policy Label i have a prority 100 = HTTP.REQ.COOKIE.VALUE("NSC_TASS").EQ("manageotp") Policy and in position 120 the Verify OTP policy label and LDAP authentication with OTP secrete and no Authentication..


Now i put in a 110 priority with a LDAP Authentication policy and the expression AAA.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF("adgroup") that should trigger it or it moves on to Verify OTP policy Label.

But it is not working ? any idea on how to set it up, so users who are members in a AD will not have to input OTP. im thinking it has to be in the Policy Label part.

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