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PVS in Azure

Clinton Dunn1709152451




Is anyone successfully using PVS in Azure with users working on it in a prod environment?


I am currently doing a POC for a client. I am utilising a D4s v4 for the PVS server (2112) with accelerated networking. I have a D2s v5 as the target VDI, with no accelerated networking. I have just read the post by Aran Walker on the PVS blue screening, which is one the of the issues I have been suffering with as well. I will move the target device to a v4 machine and test again.


Additionally on the v5 target device I have found the following so far:


1) When the vDisk is in private mode and I hit restart after adding to the image, it does not reboot cleanly and stays on a black screen in boot diagnostics in Azure. I have to hard shutdown the machine to get it back. I will now test with a v4 machine.

2) The vdisk seems to keep the exclusive lock on the disk when all machines have been shutdown. 

3) The shutdown machines show as stopped and not as de-allocated which means it is costing us money.


I am attaching the PVS POC guide from Citrix.


I have a ticket open with Citrix but the support has been less than optimal ?




PVS Azure POC.pdf

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Unfortunately we cannot support v5 machine sizes at the moment because they are forced to have accelerated networking and we have a known issue with accelerated networking in target VMs. For other machine sizes you MUST ensure accelerated networking is disabled in the template VM for the moment.


We're working on this problem but it has to do with the fact that the accelerated networking hardware used in Azure is different between hosts so anytime a VM is created by Azure it might run on a host with different accelerated networking hardware.



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