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Packet drop mails

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we use Citrix ADM and i get this mail:

Time : Sep 22 2021 09:19:10 GMT
Instance IP Address : xxxxxxxx
Host Name : ns
Category : platformRateLimitPktDrop
Severity : Major
FailureObject : platformRateLimit
Citrix Application Delivery Management IP Address : xxxxx
Information : packet_drop_count : 4702, platformLicensedThroughput : , Entity :, Device_family : ns

We use two Citrix Netscaler ADC VPX 200.
Does this message come when the 200 mbit is exceeded?


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Hi Carl,

I don't totally agree with this.

My client was on a VPX 200 and they were averaging about 130 in and out at most. We were getting these alerts at least 3 times a day.

We then upgraded to a VPX 1000, which is 5 times what they had. They are still averaging between 100 and 140 at max. but still get this alert.


According to this article, packet drops to some degree is "normal": https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125544/rx-drops-variable-for-traffic-on-a-netscaler-appliance-interface 

If you look at the alert: Information : "packet_drop_count : 4702, platformLicensedThroughput : , Entity :" there is nothing listed after "platformLicensedThroughput" but there is after "packet_drop_count"


I might be wrong.




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