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Start Menu broken after W10 20H2 update

Martin Poirier


I've been working on getting updated from 1909 to 20H2 and in my testing, the start menu is broken for existing users, it won't open when clicked on.  No errors, just no response. 


Through my testing/troubleshooting I've found that if a user has no User Layer, they can log into a 20H2 desktop with no issues, user layer creates, they can work as normal.  If a user with an existing user layer signs in, then the start menu is broken.  I can re-produce this consistently. 


The other thing that I noticed, if a user (with no user layer) signs into 20H2 first, then tries to sign into 1909, they get an App Layering error 'this user layer was created on a different version of windows'


My thought is that something in the 20H2 update needs to update user files, however, since they don't exist in the OS layer, its breaking something?  I have updated App Layering to and re-did the update from 1909 to 20H2 and still no luck.


Any ideas?  I have a case open already, however, I think I stumped them.

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I don't know if this helps.

I have noticed a relevant issue.

Either Start Menu wasn't opening and required sometime to do so, or it would open and instantly close.

After a few minutes the Start Menu was working fine with no excuse what was blocking it at the start.


In my environment we had disabled Cortana but not the search service, and we found multiple errors of the searchapp.exe in the event log.

We disabled also the search service and the issue has been still there but had a lot better reaction and the above mentioned behavior had a smaller impact.

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