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Citrix maximized probe window and screen lock cause Firefox infinite flicker loop



Hello Citrix,


I use Citrix through the portal of the company I work for. I have no control on its server-side configuration otherwise managed by the corp. admins. I happen to use Linux' version of the receiver (with a mainstream up to date Ubuntu (gnome)). This issue is really annoying in the current pandemic situation where we all need to work from home, as it usually happens everyday at least once (lunch time...) or twice.


Whenever a pop up opens, the "maximize window probe" gets in the way. Worse, when the screen locks, when I unlock it, Firefox starts to flicker as if it lost, got back, lost, got back... the focus, or something similar. Best case scenario: I succeed in killing Firefox in time, then I can rerun it and all is back to normal. Worst case scenario: no input is accepted anymore in X window (mouse still moves) and I have to switch to a virtual console to perform some killing. If I have no luck, I also get the system logs flood with the journal daemon running at 100% on a core, which tends to make me restart altogether.


Could you please rethink the probe (maybe disable it when screen is locked, a good suspect)? Does it need to display each time a transient window pops up (as Citrix doesn't seem to handle well when video mode changes (it even doesn't seem to handle well moving a screen position without changing resolution), I already don't change it while it's running... are resolution dimensions required to be rechecked every second)? Could you limit the logging your app seems to cause indirectly during a flicker crisis? Here's a sample of the logs I get (that multiplied by a thousand):


*** ** 16:57:36 **** gnome-shell[80061]: The offending signal was notify on MetaStage 0x5588233a9830.
*** ** 16:57:36 **** gnome-shell[80061]: Attempting to call back into JSAPI during the sweeping phase of GC. This is most likely caused by not destroying a Clutter actor or Gtk+ widget with ::destroy signals connected, but can also be caused by using the destroy(), dispose(), or remove() vfuncs. Because it would crash the application, it has been blocked and the JS callback not invoked.


Thanks in advance. Regards.

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