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The supplied SDK context is invalid for the function called (but only on production machine)

Hans Hilbert


I'm running Ubuntu 20.10.  I have been successful in logging into my Citrix desktop using this setup and the icaclient from April, 2020.


After icaclient_20.04.0.21.deb I get the following error when attempting to login to my Citrix desktop:


"The supplied SKD context is invalid for the function called (SSL error 31)."


The only option is to quit.  I have tried many many ways to get past this but have not been successful.  What's driving me nuts is that I do not get this error in the following:

A virtual machine running Ubuntu 20.10 with all the same software packages installed (different software configs do exist)

A clean install of Ubuntu 20.10 on the same hardware

Different hardware running Ubuntu 20.10.


I've scratched my head to death trying to figure out what is different about my production machine that is throwing this error.  Any help in diagnosis is going to be much appreciated.  I've compared all the logs from the successful login from the virtual machine compared to the failed login and nothing seems different.


Thanks in advance.



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