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Specifying target SRs for MCS

Gregg Floren


We are a small company using MCS to created shared XenAppserver machines on a pool of three XenServers.  When the machine catalogs are created, there doesn't seem to be any way to control where the clone machines are created.   We have six Xenapp servers running in the pool, but last week we had a hardware problem with one of the pool members.  Unfortunately it had three of the six XenApp servers running on it.  It made for a tense couple of days trying to run at 50% capacity.


I'd like to either move some of the clones or create a new catalog with the XenApp servers balanced better between the XenServers in the pool.  Is there any way to specify he target storage for the clone machines.  If not, what is the criteria used to select the SRs for the clones?

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