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How automate Outlook 2019 initial config wizard on Windows Server 2019 ?

Andy Vanderbeken


hey guys, 


I have a new productional image running that I want to migrate to and I'm looking to automate the migration as much as possible. Does anyone have an idea on how to automate the Outlook 2019 initial config as much as possible ? In my case it connects to Office 365 online and places an *.ost file on an H:\ drive. Ideally I would like to the user upon first login to just click the Outlook icon and not have to fill in a thing. The end user's inbox would just open and a default naming format (based on for instance %username%) would be used in order to configure default parameters automatically for the user.


Anyone have experience configuring this succesfully or good ideas on how to do this ? Thanks in advance

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Hey guy,



first of all you should have azure passthrough sso or adfs in place.

after that be sure the mail adress is filled in at the user object.

configure gpo with office admx to configure exchange account on primary smtp adress.

last but not least do not set the ost on any network drive, use fslogix o365 container.


be happy with the perfect user experience like exchange on prem

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