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Troubleshooting missing ICA Client Audio Issue

Calvin Chan



Windows v1909,

Citrix Xendesktop LTSR 1912 VDA

Citrix PVS 7.15 LTSR


Client PC - Windows 10 v1909 Workspace App 2002 


The VM appears to be mapping the local audio devices, however they all appear as 'Citrix HDX Audio' where as before, it reflects the actual local audio device names.

Also, in addition to the names not appearing, there is also no audio coming through. Have tried restarting the VM, service, client ICA, client PC, and reinstalling the ICA workspace client.
Attached screenshot for a little more information.

Is there any I can investigate as to the real status of the audio devices? or advice to troubleshoot this?





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We are experiencing the same issue:


Pooled Win 10 1809 + VDA 1912 = No Audio

Dedicated Win 10 1909 + VDA 1912 CU1 = No Audio (used VDA cleanup to remove and then reinstall VDA)

Multi Session - Server 2019 + VDA 1912 = Audio works as expected and device names are listed correctly


Endpoint Win 10 1909  and Workspace 2002 - have removed and reinstalled Workspace and also tested a downgrade to 1911.


I have noticed that HDX Monitor is missing the Audio section entirely in the affected sessions.


A different endpoint with Win 1903 + Workspace 1911 has the devices listed as "Citrix HDX Audio" but works as expected.

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