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Citrix over a VPN connection

Michael Payne

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Current setup is having users connecting via VPN(PaloAlto) to the internal Storefront servers. We now implementing new Storefront servers and gateways split tunneling that connection to the external gateway as is "best practice" or at least used to be. We're being asked for data to show that it's better that way than our current method. I have a bit of internal tester data but I haven't had a lot of luck finding anything conclusive. Does anyone have any sources showing the benefits of a pure Citrix connection to a gateway without vpn overhead?

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Citrix Gateway ICA Proxy allows a single protocol/port number: SSL 443 on front-end, ICA 2598 on back-end. The only internal machines that ICA Proxy connects to are Citrix VDAs. This is much more restrictive than a full VPN that allows a VPN client machine to connect to almost any internal machine on any protocol/port number.

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