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Help migrating Xenapp 7.6 from Windows 2008 R2 server to new server 2012 or 2016

andy bailey1709155850




I have contacted support but cannot get a straight answer, I am not very experienced with Citrix but I'm hoping someone can help.  

Our current Xenapp Server is hosted on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  With 2008 going out of support I need to move this to either 2012 or 2016.  


We have a simple setup 


netscaler gateway

The management server - Xenapp 7.6 - hosting - storefront, licence server, director,studio and Delivery Controller

3 VDA servers (I have migrated these to 2012 by removing VDA \ upgrading to 2012 \ installing VDA


I know that I would we would need to upgrade to 7.15 to migrate to 2016 but happy to move to a 2012 if it is easier.


I just can't find any KB article about migrating to a new server and decomissioning the old one.


Any help will be great.



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Thanks I found that after I posted and working my way through it.  I'm upgrading to 7.15.


A few quick question though


I'm trying to install the components in the order that you suggested - licence server then DC etc, but when I run the main program (autoselect.exe) it wants to upgrade them all at once.  Is that alright? I found the application for the licence manager upgrade install but can't find one specifically for the DC etc..


When doing the DC you mention SCOM Agent with the XAXD agent - I'm not sure if that is something that needs to be done or not?


Is Smart Check a cloud based tool or something I can download?  The network \ Lab or isolated from the outside world.


Many Thanks



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If you have multiple components installed on one server, then the metainstaller will upgrade all of them at the same time. Just make sure you're upgrading the server that has licensing first.


Citrix SCOM Agent is unusual, and Citrix is no longer developing it, so I don't recommend installing it.


Citrix removed Smart Check so it's no longer a factor. Most customers don't do the login to connect to Citrix Cloud or Insight Services.

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Thanks for your help - I am slowly working my way through the document.


I have run into a few issues -


Everything seems to be ok until I get to the storefront migration.


1. I don't seem to have the following anymore in storefront - Authentication \ Receiver for web \ Netscaler \ Beacon.


2. When I try and connect up to the storefront via https from a browser - I'm getting TLS errors, If I try http I'm a citrix error about not being able to connect.  IE has TLS 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ticked


3. After I did the export of the storefront config and imported into the new server, I was unable to remove the old storefront - it gave an error - I rebooted the new server and when I look in the storefront I dont see the old server anymore.  I found a couple of articles about checking config files and there was no mention of the old server in there either.  I tried to check on the old server but none of the citrix snapin worked anymore.


Any thoughts?






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