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Windows 10 Built 1809 vs Xendesktop 7.15

Kim Keith


Hi all


I have a performance problem with (Maybe) windows 10 Built 1809.

The setup is 5000 ++ users with 7.15 XD all LTSR and all build in best practice.

Citrix Optimizer 2.5 and etc etc nothing is out of the ordinary - all setup correctly and it all runs on ESXI 6.5. 


Now we see performance outlet and i can't see where it should be ? 

I'm reading this  https://www.loginvsi.com/blog/909-improving-windows-10-performance-by-3000-with-these-simple-tricks


And i was thinking, dose anybody else think that Built 1809 i just a BAD built from Microsoft or have experience with it ??

And the only way is to go either down or up in Windows builts ?


Regards Keith


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Thanks Carl


So we cannot downgrade to build 1603 because it is end of Life and we can only move up Wards in builds and that will only eat more CPU/Ram for each new build...So the only thing to do - add more physical CPU/RAM for each build.......CitrixOptimizer is not getting alle the new stuff in windows10.


So Windows 10 is not build for VDI -- Damn you Microsoft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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