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After connecting to VPN session is immediately disconnected

Robert Peck


I have some windows 7 desktops that are used to connect into customer networks to do maintenance on their equipment.


I am moving them from being hosted on XenDesktop 7.5 to XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR cu4.


I uninstalled the 7.5 VDA and installed the 7.15 VDA and added them to a Machine Catalog and Delivery group and everything seems just the same EXCEPT there is one VPN that the users connect to using Cisco AnyConnect.  As soon as they make a successful connection to this VPN the Citrix session is immediately disconnected. 


The old ones work just fine.  The new ones are in the same OU with the same GPOs being applied, there are a few Citrix policies that I found are being applied to all objects in the new site so I exempted this Delivery group (there were no Citrix policies applied in the 7.5 environment).  This did not effect any change.   The VMs are also still in the same subnet using the same DHCP scope.


Any ideas on what I can configure to make this work?  Is this because of a difference in the VDAs?  Is there some strange split tunneling thing that suddenly comes into play when moving to 7.15?


Thanks for any help you can point me to.

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